Consolidating your Job Scheduling into a single enterprise class Workload Automation environment helps reduce cost

Elyzium's Workload Migrator service ensures migration is fast, simple and accurate

Many organisations have invested significant time and money in their legacy scheduler(s). IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler (ITWS) is the world’s leading Workload Automation solution, and consolidating your workload requirements into this single product has significant business benefits.

Elyzium’s Workload Migrator is a unique service which ensures fast, accurate and successful migration from competitive schedulers to ITWS. Whether you are converting to gain the benefits of ITWS, or to simply consolidate upon a single enterprise technical standard, it is important to have a plan that:

Keeps downtime to an absolute minimum

In conjunction with ITWS, Workload Migrator ensures an accelerated migration with zero business impact and minimal downtime.

Reassures users that their jobs will still start when required

Utilising innovative integration with legacy schedulers, the exclusive Workload Analyser tool clearly demonstrates that jobs will be scheduled using the exact same conditions in ITWS, alerting of any differences caused by the migration ahead of time.

Trains your staff on the ITWS solution

Administrators already know the key concepts of workload automation, hence our training will only cover the “gaps” between the legacy and ITWS solutions, saving you time and money.

Let’s you stay in control

Every Workload Migrator project includes a detailed plan for the critical cutover period to the new ITWS solution. Each step offers a back out option, providing you with complete control throughout the migration process.