Get a complete picture of your Workload Automation environment

And maximise its efficiency with Elyzium's Workload Assessment

Workload Automation has grown organically, with inefficiencies often side-lined by IT in favour of other priorities. But, pressure on the Workload Automation Service - from both IT and Business perspectives - is growing continually.

Lines of business must now support dynamic, and often on-demand, environments, across both physical and virtual systems. Failures within Workload Automation environments can result in substantial loss of revenue and significant brand damage, hence priorities must change. But where should you start?

Elyzium’s Workload Assessment allows organisations to review their current environment against a set of business needs to produce a strategic report, which forms the justification for change. The assessment provides a complete appraisal of both the business and IT requirements, gathering information from key stakeholders within the business to deliver the benefits they need.

Mitigate risk with a process oriented, established conversion service

Elyzium’s Workload Assessment provides a complete Healthcheck of your current Workload Automation environment. Our experienced team begins by analysing the installed environment, and defining the desired environment along with a roadmap of steps required to get there. Details of jobs, schedules, resources and all other relevant specifics are collected and analysed. It is the analysis of this data, coupled with identification of any challenges in your environment, which uniquely enables Elyzium to deliver a fixed price engagement, with defined start and end dates, and most importantly no hidden costs.