Workload Automation Design

Helping you translate business needs into technical reality

Design starts with the right project plan...

Elyzium has helped many clients plan for their future Workload Automation growth. Based on your specific needs, we can help you formulate a plan to implement the IT improvements necessary. Our highly qualified consultants will work alongside you every step of the way to get the job done.

The initial planning phase is sometimes the most difficult step to complete. This phase builds the stable foundation that is critical for the success of your project. Elyzium will work with you to identify which technology is best suited to help you achieve your business objectives, and allow for the future technological growth of your business.

Once we have established a joint vision by determining what your technical business needs and goals are, and you have a solid plan established, Elyzium will act as an extension of your internal IT organisation to implement your IT improvements. No matter what size, Elyzium will partner with you and support your organisation from the initial planning stages, right through to the finalistion and maintenance of your projects.

Elyzium helps define your Workload Automation needs:

  1. Identifying
  2. Planning
  3. Implementing
  4. Maintaining

Workload Automation Test Plan

A comprehensive test plan is a key element of the design, which ensures that we are able to confront the challenges that await us and focus our thinking on important topics.

The Workload Automation test planning process and the plan itself serve as the means of communication with other members of the project team, testers, peers, managers and other stakeholders. This communication allows the test plan to influence the project team and the project team to influence the test plan - especially in the areas of organisation-wide testing policies and motivations, test scope, objectives and critical areas to test, project and product risks, resource considerations and constraints, and the testability of the item under test. We can complete this communication by circulating one or two test plan drafts and through review meetings.

The Workload Automation test plan helps us to manage change. During early phases of the project, as we gather more information, we revise our plans. As the project evolves and situations change, we adapt our plans. By updating the plan at major milestones, we are able to keep testing aligned with project needs. As we run the tests, we make final adjustments to our plans based on the results.