Enterprise level, future proof Workload Automation

UK retailer Nisa select Elyzium to run their Tivoli Workload Scheduler environment as a fully managed service.

The Challenge

Nisa, a leading member owned organisation which supports independent food and drink retailers, had been successfully using Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) to manage the organisations job scheduling requirements for a number of years. Increased demands on the business however meant that Nisa had outgrown their existing implementation. This, coupled with the imminent end of support date for their original TWS installation, and growing pressure on internal resources to be more strategically focused, led Nisa to approach Elyzium to investigate the possibility of a fully managed service for Workload Automation. 

The Solution

Elyzium worked closely with Nisa's outsourced infrastructure provider, and 3rd party applications team, to design and implement a future-proof Tivoli Workload Scheduler solution with an architecture capable of supporting their continually growing business. Elyzium has now been successfully running Nisa's Workload Automation environment as a fully managed service for two years under its XpertCare offering.

“We needed to free-up internal resources to enable greater focus on business growth. As the leading experts in Workload Automation in the UK, and IBM’s most accredited Business Partner for Tivoli Workload Scheduler, we knew that Elyzium were a safe pair of hands to take care of our scheduling environment. Plus we had worked with Elyzium for many years, and they consistently proved their skills and expertise in Workload Automation, so taking the relationship a step further by selecting Elyzium to provide a fully managed service, was an easy decision for us.” - Nisa IT Team

The Business Outcome

  • Provides internal resources with increased time to focus on the business
  • Delivers a more flexible, agile and resilient IT Workload Automation solution
  • Has the ability to easily cater for existing and future Workload Automation needs