Introduction of a "single-pane-of-glass" Workload Automation solution delivers multiple business benefits.

Experian partners with Elyzium to assist them in achieving their goal of a standardised, more efficient approach to Workload Automation.

About Experian

Experian is a leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to clients around the world. The Group helps businesses to manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and automate decision making. Experian also helps individuals to check their credit report and credit score, and protect against identity theft. With its operational headquarters in Nottingham in the UK, Experian employs 17,000 people in 40 countries throughout the World, and enjoys yearly turnovers in excess of $4.5 billion.

The Challenge

Experian use a multi-tool environment to manage their distributed scheduling requirements, processing hundreds of thousands of Jobs every month. In line with Experian’s strategic goal the decision was made to standardise Experian’s approach to workload automation on the distributed environment, giving the benefits of reduced operational costs, a global support model and resilience. As a result Experian engaged Elyzium to carry out a Workload Assessment of their UK environment. 

The Solution

Elyzium’s Workload Assessment gathered information regarding Experian’s scheduling environment, resulting in the delivery of a detailed report. The report contained recommendations for changes to enable Experian UK to achieve their goal of provisioning alignment with the strategic goal for Global Scheduling. As a result, Elyzium deployed IBM’s Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) 8.6, working with Experian’s scheduling team and their internal business partners to support Experian’s distributed environment in the UK. This included handling the migration of existing tools to TWS, including Redwood Cronacle and CA UJM, using Elyzium’s Workload Migrator tool.

To keep pace with ever evolving business requirements, Experian decided to upgrade their solution to V9.2 of TWS. This decision was based on the new functionality IBM had included in the new version. Following the success of the previous TWS implementation, Elyzium was the logical choice when it came to choosing an implementation partner. Experian are looking to expand their use of TWS in the future, which will include rolling out the standardised Workload Automation solution to other countries, and integration of TWS with other business applications.

“From the very start of our business relationship, right through to the present day, Elyzium has been a fantastic partner to work with. From diagnosis to migration, using their unique Workload Migrator tool, and implementation to training and post-implementation support, Elyzium have demonstrated their unrivalled expertise and knowledge in the Workload Automation arena, and supported Experian every step of the way in achieving our business goals.” - Dean Watson, Experian.

The Business Outcome

  • Introduction of a “single-pane-of glass” Workload Automation environment
  • Licence cost savings
  • Reduction in management effort required
  • Now able to offer a standardised product development service to the business
  • Introduction of a standard, Worldwide naming convention
  • More efficient identification and monitoring of business critical automation