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“Elyzium Advisor” aims to inform and educate our readers, by providing a regular roundup of the latest Workload Automation, IBM and Elyzium news. In this issue, we reveal an innovative, new “as-a-service” offering, announce some exciting Elyzium news, and share some of our TWS “know how”.

As the UK’s leading Workload Automation specialist, Elyzium is delighted to announce that in December 2013, it became IBM’s only Business Partner Worldwide to achieve the highest level of deployment accreditation for Tivoli Workload Scheduler; Gold (formerly AAA) status.
The IBM Tivoli Deployment Accreditation programme is designed to recognise the technical skills investment and deployment achievements of Business Partners, and provide end-users with assurance that they are partnering with an organisation with expert skills and knowledge for the IBM Software solution they have invested in.

IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) automates, monitors and controls workflow throughout the enterprise IT infrastructure. It enables users to manage hundreds of thousands of workloads a day - from a single point of control, enabling better alignment between IT and the overall organisational objectives in order to improve business performance and reduce costs. Elyzium has built upon the IBM offering by developing its own tool - Workload Migrator  – which quickly, and easily automates the migration of current batch environments to a resilient workload environment built on TWS. Plus, thanks to their premium managed services offering XpertCare , Elyzium clients benefit from an end-to-end service which ensures their TWS environment is fully optimised and delivering the highest possible return to their business from day one.

Probal Sil, Elyzium’s Managing Director says, “This is a very exciting announcement for Elyzium, and one which demonstrates our ongoing belief in TWS, and our commitment to ensuring we are able to offer our clients the best possible service at all times, via our comprehensive portfolio of software, consultancy, managed services and training offerings.”

Elyzium launches JobExecutor - a new competitively priced, subscription-based, enterprise-class Workload Automation service in the Cloud.


The benefits of a consolidated workload automation solution- including reduced manual intervention and error, improved on-time run of batch jobs and control, to name only a few - have been known for some time. However in a difficult economy where shrinking IT budgets and reductions in headcount have become the norm, the high costs of software licensing, infrastructure hardware, and resource to support such a solution have often made it unobtainable. As a result many businesses still have multiple, legacy, job schedulers in place and are having to deal with the problems this complexity brings on a daily basis.

Elyzium’s new service, JobExecutor, is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model designed to allow all organisations the opportunity to invest in workload automation by eliminating the need for initial hardware investment and ongoing maintenance costs, and introducing predictable, transparent monthly costs. The JobExecutor service provides a complete Workload Automation solution, which not only includes IBM’s enterprise class Tivoli Workload Scheduler software and infrastructure hardware costs as part of the monthly subscription, but additionally premium XpertCare 24/7 support from the World’s only IBM “Gold” accredited TWS Business Partner, Elyzium. The service is priced per job, and available as a standard, reactive service, or a fully managed service to suit the budget of all organisations.

JobExecutor is up and running within minutes, requires no initial or ongoing investment in hardware or software infrastructure, and can be easily, and predictably scaled in line with business requirements. Plus, thanks to Elyzium’s unique Workload Migrator  tool, migration of legacy schedulers to the new Cloud service is fast and hassle free. Typically JobExecutor clients can expect to realise a time to value of up to 40% quicker than a traditional on premise solution, for a fraction on the cost. Too good to be true? We’d love to prove it to you, so drop us a line  and we’ll be in touch to arrange a meeting.

2014 is going to be a very busy year for Elyzium, with our experts travelling to the US to participate in the two “must attend” events of the year for any user of Tivoli Workload Scheduler.


Elyzium is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the World’s Premier Cloud Conference – IBM Pulse 2014 – for the 4th year running. This annual event is being held at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas from the 23rd to the 26th February 2014, and provides delegates with an unrivalled opportunity to explore the latest developments in cloud, security, asset management and smarter infrastructure. Whether you are looking to evaluate new technologies, take part in hands-on training sessions, or simply keep up-to-date with latest innovations, Pulse 2014 is the must attend Cloud event of 2014 for all IT and C level Professionals. The agenda is aligned to 4 streams, encompassing 20 individual tracks, and hundreds of sessions that will demonstrate how to apply the right tools, technologies, and best practices to help your organisation achieve limitless possibilities in the Cloud. For more information, please contact us , or visit the IBM Pulse 2014 website  to register.

Then towards the end of April, we’ll be back in the States to support ASAP University 2014: Back 2 Basics & Beyond. Held in Arizona 27th April – 1st May, it is designed to provide users of the Tivoli Workload Automation suite of products with a solid foundation on the basics of operations and scheduling, advanced tips and techniques, and practical user experiences with new features and functions – all of which will empower customers to maximise their investment in Tivoli Workload Automation. For further information, or to register, please visit the ASAP website .

Rob Wybrow, Automation Technical Sales Specialist within IBM Software Group’s Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure brand, provides valuable insight on a topic he gets asked regarding TWS on a regular basis; How to enable single and multiple concurrent sign-on to the Tivoli Dynamic Workload Console (TDWC).


Currently, when a TWS customer fires up the TDWC and signs on as 'twsuser' (or whatever is appropriate), and then someone else at another desktop tries to do the same, the default behaviour is to provide the second person with a choice of either logging out the other user, or returning to the login page and entering another user ID. Whilst the option of ending the other session is useful, it is often not desirable, as there may be someone else using TWS at the time.

You can configure the TDWC to allow a single user ID to be used by multiple concurrent sessions by following the instructions in the link below. Please be aware however that this is a global option, which is either enabled or disabled, and cannot therefore be used for a specific or range of user ID's. This task also requires the TIP server to be stopped and restarted, but it does not require a TWS restart. It should also be noted that any security-based operations i.e. adding, modifying and deleting TWS objects will only reflect the user id, and not that of the individual login account used to gain access. Finally, the 'tip_location' may well be found from the TWA directory, under the eWAS sub-directory.

To enable concurrent access to the TDWC with a single user, please follow this link . For any help or guidance in doing so, please get in touch .
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