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Growing new business services without an army of IT Staff needs a bulletproof solution.
Whether it's on-premise or Cloud-based, Elyzium provides IBM Workload Automation solutions to meet all your business needs.

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End user IT organisations require partnerships with specialists to build an ecosystem of experts to deliver projects and services.
This gives them the agility they need in order to meet the needs of their business users.

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As businesses have had to evolve to accommodate a world of ecommerce and Globalisation, scheduling has had to keep pace. It too has evolved from early batch processing, to the advanced Workload Automation solutions we see in today’s market. As technology continues to advance, and the integrated nature of business grows exponentially, the increasing demands placed on Workload Automation will dictate a much faster pace of evolution than the past 20 years.

Choosing the right partner is key. Organisations should look to engage with a specialist partner that can understand and assess their current environment and needs.

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Our team of consultants each have 10+ years experience in delivering Workload Automation solutions.
This means we can advise our customers on best practices which ensure the maximum return on investment.

Let Elyzium be your expert guide to Workload Automation

Workload Automation has been around for some time now, and despite the fact that both the technical and business benefits are well documented and understood, many organisations are still using multiple scheduling tools and struggling to manage an infrastructure that continually grows in complexity. Since we live, sleep and breath Workload Automation at Elyzium , it’s natural that we should want to find out the reasons why many organisations are yet to make the move towards Workload Automation itself, and furthermore running it in the Cloud.

The complexity of information systems and the increasing demand for higher service levels have created the need for new architectures that guarantee quality, performance and reliability of existing services, whilst increasing efficiency and driving down the cost of ownership.

In support of this, Elyzium’s approach is both flexible and comprehensive. Elyzium can offer either a complete end-to-end or tailored solution from industry leading software vendors underpinned by consultancy, training and support services.

Elyzium designs complex architectures, providing multi-platform expertise coupled with a pragmatic and comprehensive project-driven approach to client problems. Elyzium also implements management solutions providing supervision and administration of networks, systems and applications, including the measurement of service quality and return on investment studies.

Elyzium is constantly working towards a strong network of business partnerships. Elyzium believe that partnerships only work well between companies that want to work together, rather than have to! Elyzium invests heavily in partnerships to create centres of expertise and engages in joint marketing ventures to promote its solutions.

Elyzium has proven long term partnerships with a number of large organisations that specialise in business consulting and systems integration, as well as software vendors. It is Elyzium’s goal to provide innovative, cost effective solutions to customers by working in close partnership with these organisations.

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